Lab Tests Diagnostic Medical Tests Medical Lab Tests
 Red blood cell count
 Red cell indices
 sedimentation rate
 Reticulocyte count
 Osmotic fragility
 Total hemoglobin
 Fetal hemoglobin
 Sickle cell test
 Unstable hemoglobin
 Heinz bodies
   Iron and total
 iron-binding capacity
 White blood cell count
   White blood cell
 Bleeding time
 Platelet count
 Capillary fragility
 Platelet aggregation
   Activated partial
 thromboplastin time
 Prothrombin time
 Activated clotting time
   One-stage factor
 coagulation system
   One-stage factor
 coagulation system
 Plasma thrombin time
 Plasma fibrinogen
 Fibrin split products
 Plasma plasminogen
 Protein C
 Euglobulin lysis time
 normalized ratio

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